My Lovely Cell Phone

I am in love with my new cell phone. I had been with a local company for 15 years when they decided they no longer wanted to offer wireless service. I was going to be forced to get a new phone and to switch service and I was not really all that amped about it. The service was originally supposed to stop back in March but they decided this was not enough time so they moved it back, way back, to the end of October. I put it off as long as I could and it actually worked out as my 2-year-old Motorola was limping along on its last leg, the battery no longer able to hold more than a 20 minute charge.

I checked out what the new phone options were and decided against the ever popular Blackberry and went with the Samsung Rogue. I love it. I am not a huge “app” person but it does have a few that struck a chord, like Facebook and YouTube. It also has a great camera and some of the things that I really wanted like a qwerty keyboard with soft keys that would work with fingernails and a touch screen.

Now that I had a new phone and it would actually stay on I began taking snaps of things that caught my eye, that being mostly the place I work and the amazing sunrises. So below find a little mosaic of some of my snaps from the last month.


  1. #1 by marla benedictson on April 18, 2010 - 7:18 am

    i have the rogue its amazing!

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