The Comfort of Cheese

Mom and Dad have made it home after “knocking around Europe” for the month of September.

This is a little bittersweet for me. I loved the freedom of having their house to myself, coming and going as I pleased, existing in various states of undress and just having a healthy dose of alone time to take care of myself and be with just me. Now that they are home I have moved back up the hill to Granny’s house and it’s nice to be back; I missed her and the little dog. We are trying to get into a rhythm again and that tends to revolve around the one shared meal we have; dinner.

While alone I got into the habit of eating dinner when and if I felt like it. Most of these meals being small and not real formal. Since being back at Granny’s we have had baked potatoes one night, Asian barbecued ribs (so delicious) and last night we had a Martha Stewart inspired grilled cheese sandwich. I had no trouble whipping them up but here is me completely charring Gran’s sandwich on one side on a searingly hot cast iron skillet, whoops. I would have eaten hers but she would not have liked my sourdough bread and she said she had no trouble scrapping off the char, she is a good sport. I was also too hungry to try and photo the semi burned sandwiches and so I’m just gonna steal the snap from dear old Martha’s blog. MS was on Oprah yesterday and apparently grilled cheese bars are the new pink, who knew! Gran called me up and said they looked good. What makes this so nice is that there is no recipe involved and I believe I have decided I need to have Gruyère in the house at all times. Since apples are coming in from multiple sources we used a nice tart one sliced paper-thin and sage picked fresh from Mom’s garden. It was delicious and quite frankly I could eat it again tonight! Check her blog for 9 other recipes that are sure to make you weak in the knees (minus the oil packed sardine one, ick!).

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