Give Me Chrome or Give Me Death

Have you met Google Chrome?

No? You’re missing out. A friend turned me onto it and I’m a total convert. I have long used the Google Toolbar and all if it many functions so a move over to Google’s web browser wasn’t a hard pitch.  There are things everyday I am still discovering; it would probably be much easier if I went through and watched a features tutorial or did a bit of research but I’m lazy and am slowly but surely fumbling my way through the features. Let me show you some of my faves!

History: everything you have pulled up including times and dates with a search feature. This has saved me I can’t even tell you how many times. Like the other day when I told my Day of the Dead fanatical friend I had found a cute craft that made a sugar skull style craft and he said “oh, send it to me”. There was a moment of panic when I realized I had no idea what blog I had found that on. Quick search on my history and viola, adorable craft blog!

The browser window itself has two features I really like: extensions and download toolbar. The extensions are handy little features. My extensions tell me when a new blog has been posted on my Google Reader, if I have Gmail to read, what the weather and temp is. I also have two new features that allow me to look at an Internet Explorer page in a Chrome tab. This is huge and helpful as some pages require IE in order to run. And I also have a screenshot and annotate function that will allow me to capture a page and draw on it to help me highlight things. I’m using it for this blog in fact!


This is a stock image and not my own personal extension list.


I also like the New Tab look. Mostly cause I dig my theme and because it is so visual.

Click this to see the whole image

In all I think it is a fabulous browser. There are things I wish it had but none I have found that I can’t live without. Fun times, check it out if you are so inclined!

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