I Share Reluctantly

There’s a throng of blogs I glean information from on a daily basis.

Most of these are food blogs but I have a precious few “multifaceted” spots I can go to when my hunger starts to overwhelm me. I wish I had more of these sorts of blogs because hidden away in my person is a terribly crafty and creative gal. This is gonna come as no shock to anyone in my family. Today while trawling the new posts via Google Reader I stop by Angry Chicken, the all around amazingly talented Amy Karol’s sight. Amy dabbles in a little bit of everything on top of being a mom to young girls and has my respect. Today she spoke a little about things happening in her local area and then there was a pearl that I admittedly am having a hard time sharing.

Gifted Magazine is a collaboration of some of the best bloggers out there. Out there is no stretch, the team of contributors come not only from the US but abroad. This is one of those magazines that you flip through and your mind begins to fill with ideas and the need to have craft day. I was introduced to blogs, to stores, embedded links and some of the most beautiful pictures (I’m so envious of photographers!) they even give out some freebies and all of this online! So I implore you to take a look and a note to my family, you very well may be seeing some of the goodies within the pages make an appearance at Christmas time!

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