Remaining Calm in a High Stress Situation

Or It’s OK to Cry When You’re at Your Wits End
Or The Importance of Car Maintenance

Some back story. Sometimes life deals you a shitty hand for a given situation or period in ones life. (I don’t believe it’s a lifelong thing because things change and you get stronger) For instance I have struggled with employment over the last two years being unemployed for a large chunk of it. Also during this time the relationship with my then boyfriend became extremely strained to the point that after 6 years of giving it our best shot, we decided to go our separate ways. Let us not forget the transmission going out on my car and what you have is a trifecta of shit! All of this meant I was heartbroken, without a good paying job and without transportation and…no place to live. Luckily my family, as always, came to my aid and in late April I moved in with Granny.

Granny lives in a lovely area in the foothills about 25 miles away from modern civilization i.e. a grocery store. It is painfully quiet sometimes but in all not a horrible place to live, in the spring, summer and fall that is. Winter, a whole other story. Yesterday was our first real taste of winter. The dark clouds rolled in bringing a bitingly cold wind and rain/snow mix. Needless to say my car sat in the driveway last night and endured the temps that plummeted into the teens. This means at 6:30 this morning when I go out and hop in the car my door will not close, well it will close but it won’t stay closed. I fiddle with the door mechanism. No go. My mind starts to race, I have a full on panic attack; I am at a complete loss as to what to do. I sit in stunned silence and try closing the door again and again and again… Nothing. I trudge back into the house and call to Gran “You are gonna have to take me to the bus stop.” Needless to say I was in no happy mood and this was not a kind request (I later called and apologized after a massive crying jag) While Gran got herself out of bed and ready for a mad dash to the bus stop I took the blow dryer to the garage, moved her vehicle out and mine in and ionically enhance the lock mechanism, said a prayer and tried the door. Nothing, I cannot believe this day. I hold the door shut back it out and park so Granny can take me and I push on the door and IT’S SHUT! I open and try it again, it’s working. Gran is sitting in her van and I am beyond exasperated and I start crying.

I get to work, the door held the whole way without incident and aside from a slightly tearful phoned in apology to my sleepy and bewildered Gran I am only slightly off my game. Once to work I call the only man who has to, by blood, put up with the fact I am a stupid girl, my Dad. He tells me this is this and that is that and call so and so and “…Winter is just starting” And I pretty much want to cry again. Either that or I would like someone to work out a surefire “I will not turn into The Fly” sort of teleportation system or someone must teach me how Jeanie blinked herself places and remained perfectly coiffed.

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