Sometime I have a plethora of time on my hands.

And when this happens I sometimes land on Youtube and look for interesting videos or look up songs I like and attempt the watch the video. But what happens for me lately is that something like under 30 seconds loads and the video stops and no matter what I do the thing isn’t going to play or be found elsewhere and I have a 30 second clip of the song stuck in my head and…well you see how this downward spiral could drive a girl crazy. Enter Vimeo.

Vimeo is like the grown up version of Youtube. It’s actually more like the younger, slicker, better dressed and more educated version of the beat down by life, with bad hygiene and no prospects, older brother. Youtube still has more content and you can find just about anything on it but you can also find a bunch of really stupid crap that some yahoo with a camera phone put on there, things most mortals really don’t need to see! As it turns out Vimeo is just fresh and new and content is just better, cleaner and created with care.  Does this mean there isn’t stupid crap on it? No, but I’m liking what I am seeing. They are solely a place for user created videos. In layman terms you aren’t going to find commercial videos, gaming videos, pornography or any other video that is not created by the user. Amen! Below is a snap shot of the play window and some of the features.

So yesterday I dug in and found that they have a Staff Picks section (Listed under Explore). And as it suggests staff have found videos that are a cut above the rest and with good reason. I looked at a handful and was just in love! So I present to you today some of my favorites. I strongly encourage you to check out Vimeo, I believe you will find the video quality outstanding and the overall easy of use will speak to just about anyone!

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