Winter Sky

Being up before sunrise does have it’s benefits, few, but it has them.

Specifically, I am typically conscious and moving around when the sun does make it’s big appearance and I think there is nothing quite like a winter sunrise. Yesterday and today I just happened to peek out and my breath was taken away by the glorious colors painted across the eastern sky. Orange, pink and purples like you cannot reproduce in any crayon or marker. The movement of the colors flame on the back drop of the sky and are highlighted on the clouds. These are skies that should be shared so even though it is not quite 6:30 AM I stick my head out of my room and check to see if Gran is awake. OK, so I woke her, but it’s something she had to see. I took snaps on my camera phone which I’m sure is not the best way to capture them but I have dead batteries in my camera (I keep meaning to remedy that). I have uploaded some of them and present to you my little gallery of winter sunrises. As it turns out I had a few from last November and added them as well. Stunning aren’t they?

  1. #1 by Mom on November 19, 2010 - 11:37 am

    These really are awesome! Makes having to get up in the morning much better. :)

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