You May Say I’m a Dreamer

I have lovely memories of music as a child.

My parents instilled a deep love of music in my sister and me. I was regaled with stories from my tot years of Alice Cooper crooning me to sleep. I can distinctly call up memories of sitting on Granny’s lap in church, my head on her chest, listening to her sing hymns in harmony with the congregation. I fondly remember sly phone calls from Dad with instructions to cue up a record to play for Mom when he called while out on the road. Then there are concerts I have attended, my first in my own car with my best friend and a band that we loved; all the way up to Crosby, Stills, Nash…and Young with my Dad years later. Music is there in my life and some days it’s what gets me through to the next. I am ever grateful to my parents and every person that has introduced me to music or a song or shared a moment with me, musically speaking.

This all came about because as I was reading this morning. I was a few days behind in my reading and I saw they had posted a story alerting all to a documentary about John Lennon and I called Mom quick to let her know. See it wasn’t too long ago that Mom, Dad and I sat one late evening in the living room and played CD after CD to gather their playlist of songs for their trip to Europe. When we got the the Beatles the decision became infinitely more difficult! There are not many songs that we didn’t proclaim, “Oh, this is a great song”. But I digress, this documentary is about the last decade of Lennon’s life. His life with Yoko, their love of New York City, and their shared political views. It will feature unreleased music and home movies. It will show John as we may have never seen him before; as an artist, as a man and above all else as a totally flawed human. So if you at all will be around tonight tune into PBS for the American Masters series, LENNONYC.

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