Roaring to Life

In the continuing saga of my car woes.
Or It’s OK to cry when you get rescued.
Or The importance of car maintenance.

My life would not be complete without some thing not going as planned. This latest begins on Monday after work.  First let me say, yes, I have been driving to work. This is because I cannot pull my can out of bed when I need to and I am running late when I leave the house. Eminent weather of the white and cold variety also plays a large part in my decisions to drive; nothing sucks quite so much as standing in snow and cold while waiting on city sponsored limo service, a.k.a the bus. So Monday night I hop in my car to head home and as I am nearing the point of civilization fall off I decide to stop for gas. Trick is when I get back in the car after pumping said gas, my dear little car will not turn on. Fear not I tell myself! I have done this before by not pressing the clutch in far enough or having the stick in neutral. Check, check, turn the key and hmm, still nothing. So I sit and stare for a moment gathering my faculties. Call Dad my brain says.

Ring, ring and I can sense he’s not happy about my relayed story and the fact I am in Golden and not down the street at the Park n Ride like he thinks I am when he says he will get ready and come check things out. Props to Dad for braving the low 20 temps to come and, again, rescue his eldest from herself. I get “The Look” when he arrives and I quickly climb from the car to let him have a go at getting it going. Mmhmm, no go on the car starting part. But in his infinite man wisdom he decides the battery is dead and proceeds to jump start my little white car and I am on my way one big hug later and weepy. Yes, it’s very frustrating, thankfully my Dad gets that. I am without incident the next morning, little car revs into action and yeah, I’m late again so I drive to work.

Fast forward 8 ½ hours and I am again behind the wheel and you aren’t gonna believe this, it won’t start. Yeah I figured you were gonna guess that. This time I had just received this little gizmo that will jump the car for me minus someone else’s car. I hook it up, turn it on try the car and nothing, I give it a few minutes try again and still nothing. Now, I call up to the office to my friend and she sends the calvary to my aid. The car, reluctantly, turns over and my appreciation is laid out there and off I go. Now I am headed to Sears to get a battery. Gran was nice enough to call ahead and work out a deal with Paul and sure enough I am told the battery was not good and I am now the proud new owner of a Diehard Silver battery. Relief is rolling off of me because who has a bunch of money laying around for auto repairs? This morning I go outside and start my car, or I think I will be starting my car and am quite frankly floored when it will not roll over. I’m now a salty pro at jumping a car and after I get to the bottom of the canyon I get on the horn with Sears.

I talk to manager Dewey. He thinks the starter is cold but bring it in and we will figure out what’s going on. Great! Quick call to work to apologize profusely but I have to get this fixed, thankfully they are understanding. Sears: let me say this, they have something not entirely right about the people at the front counter, not entirely delightful men that don’t know much about dealing with women drivers who don’t have the Sears credit card on them or that you don’t happen to the know the exact miles on your car at the second they ask.  (Who knows that shit?) They pull my car in and I assume do some diagnostic magic trick on it and come for a little chat. The kid mechanic is a puppy, can’t be much over 22 and wants to know what’s wrong exactly. I give him a very pared down version of the above story. Hmm, he thinks it’s the starter starting to telling me it will not be starting much longer. Couple hundred clams to get that fixed but let him look at a few more things before they shove a new starter in it. A short time later he returns with “Good news”. There is corrosion all over my lines. This is of course something that should have been corrected last night when the new battery was installed. They got it all cleaned up and whenever I am ready my car is in the bay and there will of course be no charge on the labor.

Now, Paul makes an appearance and is shocked to see me. I fill him in and he says “That should have been done last night” referring to the line corrosion. Uhuh, I got that, Paul. Now manager Dewey is saying hey did they get you all fixed up and mechanic man pops in with the corrosion issue and Dewey says “That should have been done last night”. Are you sensing a theme here? Manager Dewey, Paul and puppy mechanic go and, in front of me, confront the mechanic from last night for not handling the corrosion issue. It’s like Corrosiongate! After all is said and done, I drive out of Sears with several of Paul’s cards ( I will be sending them out in Christmas cards) more paperwork, and a free oil change with Sears when I need it next. I am now floating on a cloud of hope that my car will roar to life after work and I need not hunt down a jump start. Here’s hoping hmm? I was also told by mechanic puppy that if it didn’t work I could come and yell at him. I think I may just hold onto that card for the next time I’ve had a bad day and just need to yell at someone. Manager Dewey thought that was pretty funny and told me to bring in a stick or something to help me out. I may just keep that in mind!



  1. #1 by Mom on December 1, 2010 - 7:40 pm

    At least the car is still running now!! Yea! :D

    • #2 by Carrie on December 4, 2010 - 1:02 am

      Fingers crossed for sure *whew*

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