Meow, Meow, Meow She Says

Full body contact from Fluffy girl is not something I’m used to.

This isn't Fluffy...but looks a whole lot like her!

Fluffy being Granny’s kitty cat. She is the most lovely thing being part Maine Coon this means she’s a big girl and she has about 20 pounds of very long silky fur covering her. She is easily the most gorgeous cat I have ever seen. She has beautiful green yellow eyes, tons of very long white whiskers and socks on her front and back feet; because of her parents she has a bit of some beautiful orange coloring mixed in to her socks. In all she makes a striking kitty. This thing about Fluffy is she gives elusive new meaning. For a cat her size you would think you would be able to find her anytime, no she has hiding places that I’m sure we would never imagine. Her fear of the V-E-T is unparalleled; once she realizes that you are making moves in the evening and it looks like you might be getting ready to leave the house, she disappears sometimes not coming out for hours. Typically you can find her in one of three spot in the sunroom curled up sleeping, she has it really rough.

For the most part Fluffy leaves me alone, probably for the best considering she makes me itchy. There are still times I see her curled up and I want to just go and snuggle up with her, which of course would never work unless that was her idea. Typically if I go and pet her when she is sleeping she gives me this perturbed look and then proceeds to wash herself where I just touched her; snotty cat! She is however most affectionate with me in the morning before Granny hasn’t gotten up. She thinks of course I am up to feed her. Today I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth and the door pushed open so fast I thought it was Gran coming in to ask me why I was still home (I may have been running late). When no Gran appeared in my eye level line of sight I looked down to see Fluffy practically running at me. She started hurling her body against me rubbing herself along my legs so hard I stumbled forward a bit. Fluffy is also not know for her meowing skills, she is very quiet almost squeaks. Today she was giving it her all. I of course could not let all this affection go so I bent over got her down on the floor in front of me and gave her a good scratch, rub, pet and pat. I just love it when she’s like this.

I then headed downstairs and she comes along meowing and rubbing all over my legs (so glad I had jeans on and not black pants). She is rubbing her face on anything she can: the side of the cabinet, a bit bag of tortilla chips, the side of the stove the refrigerator. She is doing this with so much force her little head is cracking against things making a noise that makes me think it had to hurt. When she meows my inner cat comes out and I of course meow too which makes her meow more. She is looking up at me with those big green eyes of hers and even though I already washed my hands I lean down and give her another pet and scratch. This makes me sad when I leave because she is standing in the doorway staring at me. Of course she was probably thinking “All of that and you didn’t even give me any wet cat food…”

  1. #1 by mmo on March 2, 2011 - 8:54 am

    my cat looks exactly the same!!!!!

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