Starting Something New

Welcome to my plate.

Last year (weird to say that) I joined at the suggestion of a friend. It’s like super diet center on steroids because it’a all free and there is so much information, planning tools and support there; it’s really quite extraordinary. But because I am a lazy ass with little gumption I did nothing with it. Well I have kind of hit the point where I am just ready to have it all change. This means last week I made a goal for myself and I am gonna bust hump to get there. I’m not going to share the specific goal because I feel things like that are personal but let’s just say that the making of the goal, the planning, the preparation has already made me lighter. Someone came by my desk today and said “You look great! You look so rested!” well that gave me something positive, even in the face of forgetting my breakfast at home, I am gonna stick to my goal, I’m going to be a better Carrie in 2011.

So if there is anyone out there that is in the same place as I am I call you to arms. Let’s work at it together, be a support network. Leave me a comment here or on Facebook and I will check in with ya!

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