The Pleasure of Winter

If it has to snow, I want it to snow like this.

This being when it is arctic cold and the snow comes after your car has gotten very cold in and out and it is feather soft and fine. Why might you ask am I praising the arctic temps? Because that snow isn’t gonna melt and stick to your windshield and make the excavation of your car that much worse in a foot of snow. For that alone my elation this morning was palpable. The temperatures ran the gamut this morning; it was -4° at home, by time I got to the village it was -9° and is stayed at that till I hit the straights on my way to Golden and then it topped out at 5°. Once I hit the highway into the city it was hovering around 9° and by time I pulled into some sort of parking space at work the heat wave had begun at 12°. It was practically balmy when I exited my toasty car. There are however a few things I learned on the trip in this morning and I will list them here for your reading pleasure.

  1. When the canyon plows go through the night to ensure that the roads are suitable for travel they are gonna plow to the point that the road is slick and they are really rather stingy with the sand.
  2. I have no clue how to properly function the vents in my car. If I turn the dial to circulate the air in the car I’ll be fogged up in no time and let me tell you that makes travel difficult. If I turn it to allowing the air flow to come in from outside, no matter how high and warm I have it set to, I’m gonna freeze to death.
  3. The hip that is smashed against the drivers side door is going to turn in to a chunk of frozen freezing hip chunk! And yes I had my long coat covering the chunk but nothing was helping to warm that up.
  4. The asshole who passes me is gonna be one of those giant tear up the road and spit it out, uber super tire monster diesel deals. When that asshole passes me and the powder snow that is in the bed of his truck starts a flurry against my windshield, a bevy of curse words will pour forth from my mouth and, even if it sends me to hell, I’m going to pray that asshole finds himself in a ditch, unscathed of course, with his deflated ego laughing in his face.
  5. I always end up following the stupidest driver IN THE STATE once I get on the highway.
  6. The witty repartee that is narrating my morning drives is really rather funny, even to me, and constantly flowing. Thankfully I’m not one of those people that talks the themselves outwardly. Sure enough someone would see me and think I was crazy.
  7. People who drive in the city are morons. Are you really that hell bent on getting to your job that you have to muck it up for everyone else by pulling out into the intersection and blocking the route of the cars that need to cross your path? I mean really…is your job THAT FANTASTIC?
  8. All of the anger melts away when I see the cutest little old man shoveling the side walk and we make eye contact when he looks up at me as I am stopped at the stop sign and he has the sweetest face. Then I get all worried that his ticker might be bad and the strain of  shoveling the snow might give him a heart attack and I want to go back and ask him how his ticker is and tell him that he should hire someone to shovel the sidewalks. But at this point it has taken me 45 minutes to go less than 3 miles and I’m officially an hour late for work so I keep driving and hope that sweet little old man and his ticker keep ticking.

So I am here, I have arrived at work, terribly late but in one piece. That’s all a girl can ask for. Well no, the girl can also ask for Prince Charming to step forward and whisk her off to a land covered in sand and surrounded by ocean. Mayhaps this magical island could be situated next to Johnny Depp’s island and I will get a giant telescope as a wedding present. Hey a girl can definitely dream, can’t she? Oh and the pictures above were taken this morning. The large shot while standing in the driveway, small top is Table Mesa in Golden, middle is the School of Mine ‘M’ mountain and the last is Berkley Lake near Lakeside Amusement Park. Trust me I was not moving when I took these. Well I was for the Table Mesa shot but Granny in her cart probably could have passed me at a good clip!

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