Loath For Snow

And all things cold, wet, icy and or will ever become slush!

Yep, it’s not my season. Thankfully the 3 others we have here all tend to outweigh the awful that is winter for me. It snowed here last night, just as the evening commute was commencing no less. By time I got to Golden, an hour and 15 minutes after I left work, I was ready to find someplace to hole up for the night and go to work stinky and crabby the next day. I pushed on and got home just little after 6 and silently vowed I would never drive in the snow again…until this morning. So yes, I hate the season but I like seasons. Oddly this happened to be the lovely item up for viewing today on one of my fave websites, veryshortlist.com. I searched this on up from Vimeo cause I like their quality so much better. I watched it like 4 times picking out different areas to focus my attention on. Super cool video I hope you enjoy it!

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