In the Swing

It has been a really long time since I have posted any sort of anything. I’ve not felt the urge and with winter car woes a thing of the past I don’t have the regular repartee that those fun stories bring. Not to say I don’t have plenty of other things to say but I’m much better when I’m funny or doling out words of wisdom to my pals.

Today via a blog post (yes, I have a small addiction to other peoples blogs) I found a new site. Brian Ferry’s site, the blue hour,  gave me inspiration to pick up and start putting my voice out there again.

Summer is in full swing having just passed independence day. The pollen has finally subsided and I can sleep with the door to the porch open; the deliciously cool night air is amazing. I have found some wonderful people in those I work with and spend quite alot of time enjoying their company in the evenings. So here are just a few pictures of good times spent in the last few months.


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