Murphy’s Law

Murphy’s Law: If anything can go wrong, it will.
Corollary: It can.
Corollary: It should.
Corollary: At the most inopportune time.
Extension: It will be all your fault, and everyone will know it.

You know a few days’s ago when I said driving woes were a thing of the past. I quantified winter in that statement and it’s true; I can now drive to work with the windows down and the moon roof open. But summer driving poses a whole new set of issues. Mostly that on any given day you are gonna have varying number of people on the road; A-typically summer traffic is lighter cause parents take time off with vacationing children and family vacations and such. This week has been off and on, short holiday week and all.

Today, Murphy rode shotgun with me. I was already running late because…well just because. Then I followed a trash truck out of the canyon. Caught up to a slow moving semi into Golden. Traffic, as always, backed up on 6th at Wadsworth but unlike a normal day it continued to move slow. That was caused by a small fender bender near Federal. Some girl in a tank top and jeans (way too tight) was standing in front of her car, that she has smashed into the back of a water supply truck, surveying the damage while waving an arm complete with a cigarette and talking on the phone. Then I hit every red light on Clarkson, how that happened is beyond me, it’s never happened before. To top it all off someone in my office parked in my parking spot, self appointed spot but still! Grumble, seethe, hiss.

Luckily the weather was pleasant and nothing like my trip home yesterday. Hello deluge! Below is a snap I took while hoping it would let up, it didn’t of course for several hours and also a little video.



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