Pondering Courtesy

“Be courteous to all, but intimate with few, and let those few be well tried before you give them your confidence.” ~ George Washington

I don’t know that my natural nature is as a courteous person. I try, at times I fail. I was brought up right and try to say please and thank you and I know I take some for granted. That I believe is a bit of human nature. I am thankful I just tend to forget to express that as such.

For those of you that don’t know I’m a receptionist, a glorified one, but still my butt 8 hours a day is tied to a front desk. Based on my position in the office, literally speaking I sit at the front door, I try to say good morning, hello, and goodbye’s to everyone that comes and goes (try is subjective on any given day). I also work in a multinational workplace and it runs a gamut of social norms. I have some very shy people that work with me something; I am only that in certain situations. I have some people that are the life of any party or happy hour situation and I tend to be that sort. I’m loud, try not to be shocked by that statement. I am also overly emotional at times and quick to pass judgement or let some little thing bother me for longer than it need bother me.

Today I’m pondering greetings. When someone greets you genuinely, how do you respond? Do you smile and respond in kind? Are you so engrossed in your own thoughts that outside stimuli bounce off you and don’t sink in? Are you the kind of person who lets situations from outside (i.e. home life, traffic etc.) lay on you so heavy that you can’t leave it at the door when you walk into work and it colors your day and all your interactions? Are you generally a courteous person? Do you let your dislike of someone play factor in your how you talk to them?

Here is why I’m asking, as I said I try and greet everyone, I will admit some greetings are less than enthusiastic but I still try. “Morning whozit-whatser, how are you?” This is my standard greeting. Replies vary, most say “I’m good how are you?” variations on wording, of course. To those that say “I’m fine thanks.” and walk away, I find I almost always in my head say “Gee I’m fine too, thanks for asking!” Am I off to find this rude? I could be over thinking it, but I just find that a little reciprocative courtesy can go a long way.


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