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Frankly, This is Sort of Horse Pockey

Where is the originality?

I just logged into my email to find that a blogger had liked and reposted my Thanksgiving blog. Reblogging means they literally take your whole post and it appears on their blog. Granted it does give a where it came from link but I feel a little ripped off by this. I have never just slapped someone elses hard work down in my blog and said here look at this. I refer to a blog, to a recipe, to a thought but not a whole snapshot of it.

To me this lacks creativity. It is a little weird and frankly I would love if WordPress would allow bloggers an opt in or out of the “feature”.

Just a little gripe for today and fair warning I will kindly ask bloggers to remove my posts from their blogs if they do this without asking me. A little common courtesy does go a long way and I think it’s the least they could do, no?



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Ist wunderbar!

Oh Thanksgiving how we have planned for you!

Year two of my Thanksgiving recap. I think if there was one year that would make me give up our tradition of non-traditional, it would be this one. Everything was literally outstanding! Mom did a wonderful amount of research to make this day happen. I helped only with plugging in recipes that fit what she was looking for. Here was what we had: Sauerbraten with a delicious gingersnap gravy, wiener schnitzel, spaetzel, rye bread stuffing, warm German sweet potato salad and Brussels sprouts with pecans and cranberries. Mom was super organized and dinner hit the table fresh and warm. Dad had found a great German beer to go along with the meal, turns out it’s from the oldest brewery in Germany (or so the bottle said). For dessert we had small cups of pumpkin Bavarian creme and slices of cherry, cranberry and orange strudel from a really great bakery. I think the wiener schnitzel was the favorite; everyone was keeping one last bite to savor till the very end and Alton Brown came through with the sprouts! This is one dish I’m sure we will all have again throughout the year. Gran makes the stuffing every year. This year she made homemade rye bread. She used all her usual ingredients, sage, onion, celery, celery seed. And the first bite you have it tastes just like her traditional stuffing but then the rye bread comes in and it gave it such an interesting flavor! I loved it all and really wish we could do it all over today.

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Not East Elm

If I had a million dollars I would buy you a house.

Then I would painstakingly decorate it with everything I love. I don’t know who the “you” is in that Barenaked Ladies song but let’s pretend it’s me cause I have a few stores that I would really like to buy a ton of their wonderful stuffs to put in my house. Crate & Barrel, Restoration Hardware, West Elm. I love West Elm. They appeal to that girl in me who wants a gigantic kitchen where she throws parties and everyone gathers round and loves the food and the house and the company. Do want indeed!

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In The Mist of My Morning

On any given day my view on the world and the things I love can be wildly, dramatically different.

I like dark makeup, smokey eyes, bold lips. I can only really pull off the eyes but would gladly try the lips should I find a shade that works for me. But then I open up Etsy and A-typically the front page has a mix of soft blushy colors. I am always drawn to them. This lovely picture was there today. You can purchase it and have it in your own house and I would see it and say “Wow! I love that.” I would covet your photo!

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I love the whisper of words that a flock a birds wings make when they take flight.

I am fairly certain there have been poems written about that but I was in no mood to find said items. I also noticed that these last few posts have coincided with the colors I am wearing that day. I haven’t even tried to do that. Today is not quite flamingo pink but a lovely rose color. Funny how the mind works, no?

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The lady in red is dancing with me cheek to cheek.

A quintessential line from a great song. Fairly certain my sister and I know every word to in in fact. We also can verbatim most of Poltergeist. We had our priorities. This color started out ruby. I always loved Dorothy’s shoes. But that morphed quickly into red when I saw that sheep. I think I need me one of those jars!!

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Almost Envy

It’s not easy being green.

But some things make it look effortless. One of my favorite colors that I can’t wear cause it makes me look like a zombie. Perhaps I’m wearing the wrong shade?

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