Frankly, This is Sort of Horse Pockey

Where is the originality?

I just logged into my email to find that a blogger had liked and reposted my Thanksgiving blog. Reblogging means they literally take your whole post and it appears on their blog. Granted it does give a where it came from link but I feel a little ripped off by this. I have never just slapped someone elses hard work down in my blog and said here look at this. I refer to a blog, to a recipe, to a thought but not a whole snapshot of it.

To me this lacks creativity. It is a little weird and frankly I would love if WordPress would allow bloggers an opt in or out of the “feature”.

Just a little gripe for today and fair warning I will kindly ask bloggers to remove my posts from their blogs if they do this without asking me. A little common courtesy does go a long way and I think it’s the least they could do, no?


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