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Loath For Snow

And all things cold, wet, icy and or will ever become slush!

Yep, it’s not my season. Thankfully the 3 others we have here all tend to outweigh the awful that is winter for me. It snowed here last night, just as the evening commute was commencing no less. By time I got to Golden, an hour and 15 minutes after I left work, I was ready to find someplace to hole up for the night and go to work stinky and crabby the next day. I pushed on and got home just little after 6 and silently vowed I would never drive in the snow again…until this morning. So yes, I hate the season but I like seasons. Oddly this happened to be the lovely item up for viewing today on one of my fave websites, I searched this on up from Vimeo cause I like their quality so much better. I watched it like 4 times picking out different areas to focus my attention on. Super cool video I hope you enjoy it!


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Hardy Har Har

There are times when you shouldn’t mute your TV.

I mean aside from the obvious time but sometimes I enjoy the commercials. Commercials are one of the only reasons I watch the Super Bowl. It is also one of the funnier searches you can do on YouTube. Some of you may know I am part of a virtual world and in my travels there I have met people from all over the world. One of my favorite people hails from Eastern Florida. He is a hoot, a talented guy and a really good friend. We were having a bit of a chat the other day and I mentioned the word yellow and he launches into fits of laughter, occasionally bizarre words are thrown in when he can breathe. I of course am in the dark and have no clue what he is talking about. I think he has flipped his nut but then he pastes a link and I have a look…

We laughed for a good 30 minutes after I watched this. We talked about R. Lee Ermey and how he has been in some great movies and played some really scary Drill Sergeants. His performance in Full Metal Jacket changed my view on the military. Needless to say jackwagon has found it’s way into my vocab as has mamby pamby land. It’s a lovely place to visit, there is no yellow there to make you sad. LOL

Today I was updating the Evite for my company’s holiday party when an ad came up with one of my favorite actors, Ken Jeong. You may know him as the crazy little naked Asian man in The Hangover movie. He’s hysterical! So when I see he has teamed up with…Pepto Bismol and made a video, well I had to check that out!

Funny, I love when he dances because it’s just weird, but how about this one?

Oh the dancing delights me. And menaical laughter! And the disgusted face they make when the girl says “Turn your holiday blues pink!” Looks like he may be doing a Tummy Time, Part 2…something to look forward to!!

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Sometime I have a plethora of time on my hands.

And when this happens I sometimes land on Youtube and look for interesting videos or look up songs I like and attempt the watch the video. But what happens for me lately is that something like under 30 seconds loads and the video stops and no matter what I do the thing isn’t going to play or be found elsewhere and I have a 30 second clip of the song stuck in my head and…well you see how this downward spiral could drive a girl crazy. Enter Vimeo.

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I am a huge movie fan. Many times I will quote movies and spring lines on everyone from family to random people I meet at stores. There are a few movies that have struck such a chord with me that I will watch them at every chance I can. One such movie is Before Sunrise starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy. It’s set in Vienna, Austria and the whole movie happens in a short time span; maybe 18 hours. It is a beautiful look at how people connect to each other and a bit of love at first sight. One of my favorite scenes is as they are walking along the river they happen upon a man. He may be homeless or a gypsy and he is looking for change. But instead of directly asking for money he says I will write you a poem. Julie’s character, Celine, is a romantic and agrees. He asks for a word and he will write into the poem. The word they give: Milkshake. Ethan’s character, the ever cynical Jesse, thinks the guy didn’t just write the poem. Below is the poem and the clip from the movie. What do you think?

Daydream delusion
Limousine eyelash
Oh baby with your pretty face
Drop a tear in my wineglass
Look at those big eyes
See what you mean to me
Sweet-cakes and milkshakes
I’m a delusion angel
I’m a fantasy parade
I want you to know what I think
Don’t want you to guess anymore
You have no idea where I came from
We have no idea where we’re going
Lodged in life
Like branches in a river
Flowing downstream
Caught in the current
I carry you
You’ll carry me
That’s how it could be
Don’t you know me?
Don’t you know me by now?

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