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Ist wunderbar!

Oh Thanksgiving how we have planned for you!

Year two of my Thanksgiving recap. I think if there was one year that would make me give up our tradition of non-traditional, it would be this one. Everything was literally outstanding! Mom did a wonderful amount of research to make this day happen. I helped only with plugging in recipes that fit what she was looking for. Here was what we had: Sauerbraten with a delicious gingersnap gravy, wiener schnitzel, spaetzel, rye bread stuffing, warm German sweet potato salad and Brussels sprouts with pecans and cranberries. Mom was super organized and dinner hit the table fresh and warm. Dad had found a great German beer to go along with the meal, turns out it’s from the oldest brewery in Germany (or so the bottle said). For dessert we had small cups of pumpkin Bavarian creme and slices of cherry, cranberry and orange strudel from a really great bakery. I think the wiener schnitzel was the favorite; everyone was keeping one last bite to savor till the very end and Alton Brown came through with the sprouts! This is one dish I’m sure we will all have again throughout the year. Gran makes the stuffing every year. This year she made homemade rye bread. She used all her usual ingredients, sage, onion, celery, celery seed. And the first bite you have it tastes just like her traditional stuffing but then the rye bread comes in and it gave it such an interesting flavor! I loved it all and really wish we could do it all over today.

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