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Weekly Wrap-Up

Sometimes there is not enough time and sometimes there is just more than you want to do.

This means I have more things I see that interest me but a general lack of willingness or desire to update this blog every day. I thought I would instead do a Weekly Wrap-Up post that would share all the little things I gleaned and let you bombard your own self with the plethora of info that lies within the code of this post.
I was lead here from another site and found that a great many of the daily posts he does to have some really interesting ideas.
This is a whole page of wonderful! What would happen if you took everyday things that no one liked to do and made them fun?

Extreme Planet Makeover through the Jet Propulsion Lab at NASA
I love interactive toys. This is not only neat toy but educational. Possibilities abound, check it out and learn something today!

DearSugar @
I don’t know who Sugar is but I have a total girl crush on her and love her no bullshit approach to the ails of human kind. Priceless reading!

Minimally Invasive blog
This is one of the blogs I follow. This particular post was on a dip that I MUST try. She has many other wonderful offerings as well!

The Super Bowl is coming and nosh will abound. There are some amazing ideas in this little slide show. Good ideas to file away as well.

My new eating plan called for one of the meals to have a lentil burger but didn’t give a recipe. I found this and a new blog to peruse.
Because OMG, what could be more absolutely brilliant than the gravy IN the biscuit?!?

Valleywag via
Not all tagged images on the new FB profile are flattering! I have removed tags from people photos because of just this reason. This will help you have a little control of what and who can see images posted of you that may not want shared with everyone!
If nothing else watch the video of him making the noodles. I wish Denver had a place like this cause I would be there in an instant to have me a bowl!


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Loath For Snow

And all things cold, wet, icy and or will ever become slush!

Yep, it’s not my season. Thankfully the 3 others we have here all tend to outweigh the awful that is winter for me. It snowed here last night, just as the evening commute was commencing no less. By time I got to Golden, an hour and 15 minutes after I left work, I was ready to find someplace to hole up for the night and go to work stinky and crabby the next day. I pushed on and got home just little after 6 and silently vowed I would never drive in the snow again…until this morning. So yes, I hate the season but I like seasons. Oddly this happened to be the lovely item up for viewing today on one of my fave websites, I searched this on up from Vimeo cause I like their quality so much better. I watched it like 4 times picking out different areas to focus my attention on. Super cool video I hope you enjoy it!

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The Pleasure of Winter

If it has to snow, I want it to snow like this.

This being when it is arctic cold and the snow comes after your car has gotten very cold in and out and it is feather soft and fine. Why might you ask am I praising the arctic temps? Because that snow isn’t gonna melt and stick to your windshield and make the excavation of your car that much worse in a foot of snow. For that alone my elation this morning was palpable. The temperatures ran the gamut this morning; it was -4° at home, by time I got to the village it was -9° and is stayed at that till I hit the straights on my way to Golden and then it topped out at 5°. Once I hit the highway into the city it was hovering around 9° and by time I pulled into some sort of parking space at work the heat wave had begun at 12°. It was practically balmy when I exited my toasty car. There are however a few things I learned on the trip in this morning and I will list them here for your reading pleasure.

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Starting Something New

Welcome to my plate.

Last year (weird to say that) I joined at the suggestion of a friend. It’s like super diet center on steroids because it’a all free and there is so much information, planning tools and support there; it’s really quite extraordinary. But because I am a lazy ass with little gumption I did nothing with it. Well I have kind of hit the point where I am just ready to have it all change. This means last week I made a goal for myself and I am gonna bust hump to get there. I’m not going to share the specific goal because I feel things like that are personal but let’s just say that the making of the goal, the planning, the preparation has already made me lighter. Someone came by my desk today and said “You look great! You look so rested!” well that gave me something positive, even in the face of forgetting my breakfast at home, I am gonna stick to my goal, I’m going to be a better Carrie in 2011.

So if there is anyone out there that is in the same place as I am I call you to arms. Let’s work at it together, be a support network. Leave me a comment here or on Facebook and I will check in with ya!

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