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It’s a Wrap

And I don’t mean in a tortilla, though that would be lovely.

I mean 2010, we are days away from the end of this year and I’m quite excited for it to be over and next year to get under way. As I say at the beginning of every year, it’s got to be better than last year. I’m not much into resolutions mostly because I believe they are guidelines for which people can completely break. This is at least how it is for me, a race against the inevitable mutilation of a promise to myself. So instead of this antiquated tradition I have decided to do a bucket list. I see the definition for bucket list in the urban dictionary as:

bucket list

  • a list of things a person wants to do before they “kick the bucket” (die.)

Since this is more of an immediate thing I am going to limit this to Bucket List for 2011. Don’t they always say you should make attainable short term goals? This seems a little more reasonable considering I’m gonna be 35 this year and “kicking the bucket” hopefully is a ways off! To make this easier I have decided to make it a page, that means it will show up at the top of the blog and you can go in at any time and see what is on the list and what I have completed. I think I will also try and blog the bigger ones like climbing K2…I would think that one would deserve it’s very own blog post, don’t you? (If you really believe I will be climbing K2 this year, you’re probably better off leaving my blog and not returning! LOL) There is the goal, a revolving list of things that I want to accomplish in 2011. Wish me luck!


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Sometimes it’s a Pain in the Thumb

As it turns out, I won’t be hitchhiking any time soon.

I know, my life long goal as a highway vagabond have been dashed by a case of tenosynovitis. That is an inflammation of the lining of the sheath that surrounds a tendon (the cord that joins muscle to bone). Or as I like to call it, a real pain in the thumb. It popped up a little more than a week ago. I have had trouble with my left hand earlier this year; my middle finder had an achy joint that was being aggravated by the way I washed my hands and applied lotion. I changed the way I did both and the pain went away. I figured I was doing some other repetitive thing that was causing this too so I went to see my chiropractor and he adjusted it, not seeing anything but a mildly stuck finger that showed better movement after the adjustment. I went back two days later cause it was still just not in a happy place.

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Meow, Meow, Meow She Says

Full body contact from Fluffy girl is not something I’m used to.

This isn't Fluffy...but looks a whole lot like her!

Fluffy being Granny’s kitty cat. She is the most lovely thing being part Maine Coon this means she’s a big girl and she has about 20 pounds of very long silky fur covering her. She is easily the most gorgeous cat I have ever seen. She has beautiful green yellow eyes, tons of very long white whiskers and socks on her front and back feet; because of her parents she has a bit of some beautiful orange coloring mixed in to her socks. In all she makes a striking kitty. This thing about Fluffy is she gives elusive new meaning. For a cat her size you would think you would be able to find her anytime, no she has hiding places that I’m sure we would never imagine. Her fear of the V-E-T is unparalleled; once she realizes that you are making moves in the evening and it looks like you might be getting ready to leave the house, she disappears sometimes not coming out for hours. Typically you can find her in one of three spot in the sunroom curled up sleeping, she has it really rough.

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Hardy Har Har

There are times when you shouldn’t mute your TV.

I mean aside from the obvious time but sometimes I enjoy the commercials. Commercials are one of the only reasons I watch the Super Bowl. It is also one of the funnier searches you can do on YouTube. Some of you may know I am part of a virtual world and in my travels there I have met people from all over the world. One of my favorite people hails from Eastern Florida. He is a hoot, a talented guy and a really good friend. We were having a bit of a chat the other day and I mentioned the word yellow and he launches into fits of laughter, occasionally bizarre words are thrown in when he can breathe. I of course am in the dark and have no clue what he is talking about. I think he has flipped his nut but then he pastes a link and I have a look…

We laughed for a good 30 minutes after I watched this. We talked about R. Lee Ermey and how he has been in some great movies and played some really scary Drill Sergeants. His performance in Full Metal Jacket changed my view on the military. Needless to say jackwagon has found it’s way into my vocab as has mamby pamby land. It’s a lovely place to visit, there is no yellow there to make you sad. LOL

Today I was updating the Evite for my company’s holiday party when an ad came up with one of my favorite actors, Ken Jeong. You may know him as the crazy little naked Asian man in The Hangover movie. He’s hysterical! So when I see he has teamed up with…Pepto Bismol and made a video, well I had to check that out!

Funny, I love when he dances because it’s just weird, but how about this one?

Oh the dancing delights me. And menaical laughter! And the disgusted face they make when the girl says “Turn your holiday blues pink!” Looks like he may be doing a Tummy Time, Part 2…something to look forward to!!

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The Conclusion to a Maddening Week of, well, Madness!

Or it’s not OK to molest men who come to your aid
Or the importance of car maintenance

Welcome back my dear readers to the HOPEFUL conclusion of my car woes. When you last checked in we had a free oil change and the offer to yell at someone not related to me or a dear friend. My car successfully started after getting the corrosion removed from my lines. I was elated and thought my bad luck over… I may have thought this just a smidge too soon. As I was again late yesterday to work, I know this is a shocker, I was nearly to work after successfully starting my car some 40 minutes earlier. The finish line was practically in sight.


A fine traffic day on Park Avenue West

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Roaring to Life

In the continuing saga of my car woes.
Or It’s OK to cry when you get rescued.
Or The importance of car maintenance.

My life would not be complete without some thing not going as planned. This latest begins on Monday after work.  First let me say, yes, I have been driving to work. This is because I cannot pull my can out of bed when I need to and I am running late when I leave the house. Eminent weather of the white and cold variety also plays a large part in my decisions to drive; nothing sucks quite so much as standing in snow and cold while waiting on city sponsored limo service, a.k.a the bus. So Monday night I hop in my car to head home and as I am nearing the point of civilization fall off I decide to stop for gas. Trick is when I get back in the car after pumping said gas, my dear little car will not turn on. Fear not I tell myself! I have done this before by not pressing the clutch in far enough or having the stick in neutral. Check, check, turn the key and hmm, still nothing. So I sit and stare for a moment gathering my faculties. Call Dad my brain says.

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